Community Service

Passionate about music and the arts, the Bosman Twins have traveled across the nation and abroad in their roles as music directors and champions for youth music education.


“We enjoy advocating music,” said Dwayne Bosman. “We teach students self-esteem, pride, and dignity. Not only do we focus on the fundamentals of music, we also teach students about heritage and traditions of music.”


“That old adage it takes a village to raise our kids rings true with the Bosman Twins.” “And our contribution is through the teaching of music,” stated Dwight Bosman.


The Bosman Twins are known for giving back to the community. Early in their careers the Twins’ created workshops and seminars (The Bosman Twins Jazz Workshops and Seminars), designed to reach out to inner city children. They became music instructors and assisted with developing and implementing a music program during the embryonic phases of creating a music program for inner city children for the St. Louis Symphony Community Music School (now Community Music School of Webster University/ Herbert Hoover Boys and Girls Club branch).


As seasoned music educators and professional musicians in the St. Louis community, Dwayne and Dwight are proficient on an array of woodwind instruments – “anything from the little horn to the BIG horn.” They bring to the community over 25 years of conducting, performing, arranging, and lecturing experience, such as:


Community Music School of Webster University (1994- Present)


St. Louis Symphony Community Music School (1994 – 2000)


St. Louis Public School District – Career Fair, Celebrate (1981- present)


The Children, YMCA Monsanto Boys Choir (2003, 2004,2005)


Lila Wallace - Readers Digest, Artist in Residence in the State of Vermont (assisted Fontella Bass) (2001)


Harmon: how to listen Grant (2000)


The Bosman Twins Jazz Workshop (Scott Joplin House) (1999 - 2000)


Southern Illinois University – East St. Louis (concerts and musical seminars) (1994-1998)


Missouri Folk Art Endowment (2000)

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